erythisis.com is currently a collection of pieces of web development code, shell commands, and oddly related text. No claim is made on making/discovering the snippets, this is just a paste-dump of a friendly internet neighborhood stranger. :)

Used Resources

Resource Purpose
Laravel 5 PHP framework that this website is built on
Laracasts Awesome collection of videos about using Laravel, great for quickly looking up little details
Bootstrap 3 CSS+JS Framework used for website design
jQuery Javascript library used as base for client-side effects.
CloudFlare Provides better performance and increased security for website.
cebe/Markdown Makes writing posts faster by rendering Markdown syntax to HTML
DuckDuckGo Secure web search without ads or tracking


Links on this website may contain affiliate tracking. The presence of the links is kept conversative and tactful, but on rare occasions, third-party publisher networks miss filtering out bad behavior. Please use up-to-date browsers and anti-virus/anti-spyware software.

Privacy Policy

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